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Principal's Newsletter: February 9, 2017

Parking Lot Procedures

Please remember to follow these simple procedures to support a quick and safe drop off for everyone especially when we have rainy day weather:

- Please proceed to the loading/unloading area at the end of the parking lot near the Kindergarten classes. No adults or children may exit a vehicle near the chain link fence or by the front office.  

- If your car is invited to pull into the bus lane near the cafeteria, your child may exit the car only if your child is able to do so unassisted. Otherwise, please wait and proceed to loading and unloading area. The bus lane is open to cars only after all 3 buses have arrived on campus or if traffic is backed up onto Las Positas.

- If you are waiting to turn into the school lot, please do not block traffic on Las Positas. This is unsafe for everyone including students in the crosswalk as well as traffic on Las Positas.

- Please have your child ready to exit the vehicle once you arrive in the unloading area…jackets on, backpacks in hand, seatbelt unbuckled, car doors unlocked. Please pull your vehicle forward.

- Please try to have your child exit on the right side of the vehicle. This will allow volunteers to assist your child more easily. It is also a safety procedure, as your child won’t have to walk around any moving vehicles.

- Remember to smile and wave at the parking lot volunteers…they are here to help!



Just a reminder, that we don’t have school on Friday, February 17th and Monday, February 20th.

It’s a President’s Holiday.


Valentine’s Day/Cupid’s Fun Run

We will begin our morning with a Cupid’s Fun Run at 9:00am where students will have an opportunity to chase their teacher’s around the playground.

Just a friendly reminder that all children are to make creative Valentine’s for everyone in their class to be distributed on Tuesday, February 14th.

Let’s not leave one student out J.


Disco Bingo Family Night

All families are invited to participate in our annual Family Disco Bingo night in the Adams auditorium on Friday, February 24th from 6-8:00pm. Dress attire is welcomed! This PTA sponsored event is FREE for everyone!


Astro Camp Bake Sale

Our 5th grade students will be conducting their last fundraiser for Astro camp tomorrow afterschool with a Bake Sale. Thank you for supporting their fundraiser efforts!


Grandparents Day at Adams

On Thursday, February 16th from 8:15-10:30am, we will be honoring our Adams Grandparents with a breakfast, TK/Kindergarten through third grade sing and a classroom shadow.

Please let our office manager, Ernestina Angel, know if your child’s grandparent will be attending, as we want to be prepared.

Grandparents Day Agenda

8:15-8:30AM – Warm welcome and check-in at the office
8:30-8:45AM – Casual conversation and coffee with principal Alzina in the auditorium

8:45-9:15AM – A special TK/Kindergarten-Third grade sing in the auditorium

9:30-10:30AM – Classroom Visits
10:30AM – Thank you for being a part of our morning and a special gift of appreciation!


Calendar of Events:


10: Astro Camp Bake Sale Fundraiser, afterschool

14: Valentine’s Day/Cupid’s Fun Run

16: Grandparent’s Day

17 and 20: No School

21: ELAC Meeting, 8:30am

24: Family Disco Bingo Night, 6-8pm

27- March 1: 5th Grade Astro Camp