Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Adams Elementary School is committed to achieving academic excellence through the following:

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At Adams, we foster a student body with a high sense of self worth by creating lessons which build toward high expectations and fostering  responsibility, integrity and a growth mindset. Through collaborative teamwork, we grow student who are scholars for life.

Vision Statement


The Adams school vision is to build a bigger, better, brain in every child through the following strategies: 

*Self-Guided Learning – self-discovery through trial and error.  We learn best from our mistakes.

*Repetition – there are some things we just need to memorize through repetition such as addition/subtraction, multiplication and division math facts.

*Security – a warm/safe classroom atmosphere where everyone is respected and loved.

*Hands-On Learning – our hands are connected to our brains.  We learn best by doing.

*Multisensory Learning – when we tap into all of our senses we fire off lots of neurons to better retain new information.


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