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Tomorrow is School Pride Day! Don't forget to wear a Fun Hat!


Congratulations to the following Roar Card Winners who were recognized at last week’s Friday Flag: Malaya Guilliams, Sara Chalmers, Jalen Breaux, Omar Haque, Brandon Medina, Levi Cervantes, Jack Hara, Chase, Wilson, Madeline Vercelli, Jayden Flores, Fernanda Mendoza, Cheyenne Ortiz. Thank you for making Responsible, Organized, Academic, and Respectful choices! Each week we will celebrate students and staff at Friday Flag and announce them here to parents.



Students will bring home a fundraising envelope to use to see Axxess Memberships and collect funds. Purchase a few for your family and sell to friends, neighbors & co- workers. Spread the word through your social media channels and help us raise money and earn cool prizes. 

Students can win:

  • Sell 1 = Axxess Prize Card (New this year! Just sell 1 and win!)

  • Sell 5 = $20 Cash Card

  • Sell 10 = $50 Cash Card

  • Sell 15 = $100 Cash Card

Axxess Memberships are only $40 and include all merchants in both Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties! Our school gets $13 per sale! New to Axxess? Axxess is the best way to save locally on dining out, golf, wine tasting, your home, your health, your car, your kids and more! Membership boasts over 3,000 exclusive discounts across Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties.  See for details. The Axxess Fundraiser ends Friday, October 14th. Orders will be delivered to students in mid-November. (No memberships are included in the fundraising envelope.)



Latinx Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 - Oct. 15.

Over the next few weeks students will be learning about and celebrating Latinx Heritage Month. This practice in schools aims to highlight the positive contributions of people from different races, ethnicities and backgrounds. Recognizing this year’s theme, “Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation.” The theme invites us to celebrate Latinx Heritage and to reflect on how great our tomorrow can be if we hold onto our resilience and hope.It is important for students to learn about the rich cultures and diverse people that make up our nation. When students see themselves and learn about other cultures, they experience both a sense of belonging and a connection to their school. This improves our students’ motivation to learn and to discover relevance to their school experiences.



Good News! We raised $491.82 from our Lucky Penny School Fundraiser! Thank you to all who joined us out to dinner.


Each year Adams likes to remind parents that we are in a partnership supporting our students to be successful. Please read our school’s Home School Compact so you can see what we are asking of you as a parent in this partnership. You can also see our staff and student’s commitment to their learning and success.

Adams Home School Parent Compact



Mid-point progress reports are going to be sent out electronically next week, through Parent Square, to students in grades TK-6 that are at risk of not meeting grade-level standards on their report cards in November, March, and June. SBUSD assesses students based on year long goals so a majority of our students will receive progress reports at this early point in the year, as we have not touched on most standards and thus can’t provide accurate reports on progress.  PLEASE DO NOT BE ALARMED. Students who are receiving a 1 or 2 will receive the progress report outlining the interventions and supports that are in place. The idea is that parents and teachers will work with the student to support them in making academic gains this school year. SBUSD started utilizing this formal documentation policy two years ago. There will be a way for parents to indicate that they received the notification electronically, and if we do not hear back from parents then we will resend the progress report via regular US Postal Mail. Again, please do not feel discouraged or overwhelmed when you receive this message. We will continue to work with your student and provide the necessary interventions throughout the school year.



The superintendent is recognizing staff all across the District  who go above and beyond to support students. If you would like to nominate a staff member at Adams anytime this year please use this link to submit your candidate. please fill out this form here.



Third- Sixth grade parents who are interested in having their child participate in the monthly Ocean Guardian's Ambassador program, please keep an eye out for today's Thursday Folder. The entry document you need to enroll your child is attached.  Unfortunately, we can only take 30 students. Please complete the form tonight and submit it on Friday morning directly to staff in the front office starting at 8 am.  No early entries will be accepted so if you attempt to submit your document on Thursday, we cannot take it. Tell your child not to submit it to the teacher. These 30 spots are on a first come, first served submission basis for those who complete the document and submit it to the office on Friday 9/30 morning. We will number them as they come in and create a waiting list as well. Thank you again to Jennifer Hollywood for being the leader of this wonderful program!



Congratulations to the following elected members of the Student Council for the 22-23 school year! President, Izzi Salazar; Vice President, Maylin Ramirez ; Secretary,Luis Ojendis ; Treasurer,Luis Ojendis ; Community Service Representative;Payton Jones and Classroom Representatives:Dillon Saunders,Natalia Estrada,Alani Diaz, Adam Riley, Ace Cavalli, Nate Montalvo, Yandal Rosales, Emma King, Karol Sandoval, Alex Glaeser, Aaron Aguilera, Pablo Areolla. 

We had 43 candidates and they all put forth great effort and respect for the process. We look forward to these students leading us in a fun and positive way this year! 



Thank you so much to Bruno, Alexis, and Jamie for helping to cover for Albert when he was on vacation. Your support at the intersection to keep our Tigers safe was much appreciated!



Adams is looking for parent volunteers to read with students during the school day. If you have time to volunteer for 30 minutes or an hour one time a week please email Mrs. Fresch at and we will pair you up with a student in need. We do have some students who are not reading at home, and/ or could simply benefit from reading to or with an adult one-on-one. It will make you feel good, and help a student in need as well! 



If you would like some free COVID tests to keep at home, you can stop by the office anytime to pick-up a box from the assistant principal. We would like you to have these on hand at home in case you need to test a student or yourself to make sure the cold or flu symptoms you are experiencing in the home are not COVID related. We also have a few thermometers. 



The PTA is asking for your input about programs this year. If you did not have an opportunity to complete a short survey at Back to School Night, please complete it online prior to Oct 5. Paper copies are in the office. 


Link to Survey in English




What do you picture when you hear the word “mindfulness”? What frequently comes to mind is a silent, focused activity such as meditation or yoga. You may be thinking that practicing mindfulness will be difficult for little ones, but any activity that slows down their mind and body and allows them to enjoy and accept the present moment is a practice in mindfulness. Mindfulness is shown to reduce anxiety and improve wellbeing at all stages of life, so try some of these fun and easy mindfulness activities with your kiddos! - Take a nature walk! Most of us do not have to go far to see some nature, whether it is a trail on the weekend or walking home from school during the week. Make it a safari by challenging your kiddo to point out as many creatures as they can…birds, bugs, squirrels…see what they can find! - Blow bubbles! Blowing bubbles naturally slows down our breathing as we thoughtfully blow into the bubble wand. Ask your kiddo to watch the bubbles as they fly and see whose goes the highest. - Mindfulness Bingo! Use the mindfulness packet included below to send your kiddo on a mindfulness scavenger hunt. Have your kiddo find the items and do the activities on the bingo card such as “find something that is your favorite color” and mark them off as they go. Attached is a Mindfulness Activity Guide for more ideas!




Wilderness Youth Project is hostinging its annual Play Day at Oak Park, free and open to the public. See attached flyer for details:Nature_Play_Day_2022 (1).pdf





Optional iPad Insurance is available from a third-party vendor, should you be interested in purchasing it, and will cover the iPad for a calendar year. Insurance costs $30 and covers unlimited instances of damage with no deductible. iPad insurance does not cover lost devices or device accessories. iPad insurance is available until October 2nd, 2022. This vendor is not associated with SBUnified, and insurance is made available as a courtesy to families. You can enroll using a credit/debit card at the following link: To pay with cash or check, please come to the district office at 720 Santa Barbara St. from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday - Friday. Cash payments must be made with exact change. As a reminder, without insurance, the cost to replace a broken iPad screen starts at $100. Total device replacement is upwards of $300. (TK-3rd grade families do not need to purchase insurance because their student devices will be kept at school.)


There will be no school on Wednesday, October 5th. Plan ahead for childcare. 



All Californians can now get free 24/7 online tutoring and homework help, thanks to a new initiative announced by Gov. Newsom. The pilot program, which has no age limit, offers support in math, language arts, and other core K-12 subjects in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. Watch this news story for more details. Free 24/7 online tutoring now available for CA students of all ages, thanks to new state initiative

Visit this website for tutoring options.


Students in grades 5 and 6 are invited to participate in an after-school music program called BRAVO. They will be taught by our music teacher, Mrs. Dutton, here at Adams on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students interested in playing a brass or wind instrument can sign up using the QR code on the attached flyer. Bravo begins October 3rd. 



All students will have their annual school photo on Thursday, October 6th, for TK-2nd grades and 6th grade, and on Friday, October 7th, for 3rd-5th grades and both Montessori Classrooms. Please send your student to school in their Sunday Best on their photo day! Photo package information will go home in the Thursday Folder next week.




5 - No School 

6 - School Pictures 

7 - School Pictures 

12 - Walk to School Day

17 - No School 

26 - Fall Family Festival 

28 - Fresch Coffee on Zoom