Thursday Message for August 26, 2021

Hortencia Corral

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Congratulations to the following Roar Card Winners who were recognized at last week’s Friday Flag: Sebastian Vargas, Victoria Castro, Brayden Bender, Joshua Perez Bautista, Dulce Martinez, Meeah Orozco, Dahlia Alvares, Hector Cabrero, Yerik Garay, Dane Butler. Thank you for making Responsible, Organized, Academic and Respectful choices! Each week we will celebrate students at Friday Flag and announce them here for parents. 


Calling all families! Help us fund a successful TigerLove Campaign with 100% participation in every classroom.   
The biggest fundraiser of the year will start on Monday, August 30. Each year the Adams PTA asks families to generously donate at the beginning of the school year to help fund extra classroom aides, teacher resources and programs that make Adams special. While the district funds the school, our PTA spends about $300 per student to provide extra support that benefits all students at Adams. 
Look for more details about how to donate any amount to the Tiger Love Campaign in today’s Backpack.  This will be an exceptional year for our students and the Adams PTA would like to give it our special Tiger Touch -- 100% funded by you, the parents! Thank you in advance for your generous donations. 
Please support our school community with a monthly or one-time donation on-line 
or in the front office TigerLove dropbox.  
Our first SSC meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 21, at 3:15 via ZOOM. Please see attached nomination form explaining what the SSC responsibilities are and nominate yourself or another parent if you are interested in joining this import team. All parents are invited to attend these meetings if interested in hearing about our school funding, but only elected members may vote. 

The District sponsored Language Line is up and running! Language Line is an On-demand Phone Interpreting Service to easily connect our teachers with an interpreter for their convenience. 
How does it work? Staff will dial the Language Line phone number, enter an access code, indicate the language needed, brief the interpreter, dial you as the parent, and start the conversation. Watch this Video for more info. Language Line Solutions | Using Over-the-Phone Interpreting Services You can start using this service now to cal parents after school! 
Thank you to all Adams parents and students, who came to our first Beautification Day to clean up our campus!  A special shout out to Sara Caputo and Kathy Guzman for organizing this year’s Back to School Beautification Day!

In the Health Office, we address many needs of the students – scraped knees, stomachaches, or headaches.  Another need may be a change of clothes when a student uses the slide when it is wet with dew, play in a mud puddle or have a bathroom accident.    Although we do have some clean clothing available for the children, unfortunately we do not have clothes that will fit all children or clothes the children prefer.  We recommend the TK, Kindergarten and even the First grade students have a change of clothes in their backpacks in case of emergencies. The students feel more comfortable when they can change into their own clothing.  It is suggested that parents add a pair of clean underwear, socks, shorts and a t-shirt in a Ziploc bag. If a student has a bathroom accident parents will be notified, and the soiled clothes will be sent home.  Please replace clothing items as necessary throughout the year. 

As we return to school full time, it is important to update the health office of the health needs of your student, especially medications. If your student needs to have medications available in the health office, please have your doctor complete the necessary forms. Bring the completed forms and medications to the health office ASAP. Please contact Patti Mahota at 805-563-2515 ext. 1042 if you have any questions.

We are a Provision 2 school which means every student at Adams can eat for free, breakfast, lunch and supper!

SBTA continues to share that there is much construction causing disruptions to their daily routes. If your street is blocked off for paving, or the route there is closed for construction, they can not pick-up and therefore they try to go to the next stop. Today three stops in the Hidden Valley area were affected. We are so sorry. According to SBTA this will definitely be impacted through Tuesday, August 31st.

Hello, my name is Lindsay Lookingbill, and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I am the CALM School Based Therapist for Adams Elementary. My role at this school is to work in collaboration with the SBUSD staff, provide an array of services, such as skills groups, consultation with teachers and parents, teacher support/reflective practice, and individual therapy. In providing mental health services for children TK-6th grade and their families, our focus is on healing mental health issues or emotional challenges with the goal of restoring children and their families to a healthy level of functioning, including positive academic outcomes. 

My academic and professional background includes master’s degrees in both Higher Education and Clinical Psychology, and most recently I completed work at Cottage Hospital. I work to integrate in my therapeutic practice an approach that centers around mindfulness, kindness, and authenticity. 

My office is in the main office. Please feel free to send me an email/call to ask questions or schedule an appointment. I look forward to meeting you all and working together this school year!

Thank you, 
Lindsay Lookingbill, AMFT #118949
Office Phone: 805-563-1040 
School Email _____
Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm

Our school district has many open positions from kitchen, transportation, noon duty, and classroom aides, to bilingual staff. If you or anyone you know is looking for employment please have them visit the Districts website. School hours are often perfect for college students and parents who want to work part time hours  during the hours their child is in school.


This is a reminder that school attendance is mandatory. I thank you in advance for ensuring that your child is participating in school everyday, and arrives on time and ready to learn.  A student is considered truant after 3 unexcused absences. If your child experiences COVID or comes into close contact with someone with COVID please communicate with the Assistant Principal, Hortencia Corral so we can set-up learning at home. 

Thank you for sending your student to school wearing masks, and for wearing them yourself when on campus! Be sure to send an extra one just in case, as they tend to lose them going to and from recess and lunch. Also, I am hopeful that you wash them frequently. Students can only wear traditional masks that securely cover the mouth and nose, cheeks and chin, with straps around the ears. Gators can not be worn. They do not provide the same type of shield that the CDC requires of us for safety. 

Students only will participate in a weekly Friday Flag Ceremony on the playground at 8:30 am sharp! We will make announcements and celebrate staff and students each week. Once we are able we will invite parents to join us for the fun. For now we are still not having parents on campus. TK and Kinder students will be attending the Friday Flag each week as well. We will continue to start each day with the Pledge of Allegiance and follow that up with the running club each day, but we will save announcements for Fridays.

Follow us on Instagram! @ adamselementaryschool I will be posting pictures throughout the week highlighting the fabulous teaching and learning taking place on campus. Don’t miss out on seeing the fun!

Welcome back, Tigers! We are looking for students who participated in the Summer Reading Program through the Santa Barbara Public Library. If you participated over the summer, you can bring one of the following to your child's teacher (or send to Ms. Price via email to A printed/emailed copy of your "Challenge Completed" certificate found online if you tracked your reading there, or a picture of your paper chain used to keep track of your reading! Please bring into school or email Mrs. Price by August 27th, so that we can plan to celebrate those who participated!

Last year, we did not offer optional iPad insurance to families because of pandemic conditions. This year, we are again offering optional iPad insurance through the same process and vendor as in the past. The deadline for families to sign up for insurance, if they are interested, is October 3, 2021. Families sign up directly with the insurance vendor and pay on their website. If a device is later broken, we file the insurance claim on their behalf. We have posted this information on the District's website on the Tech 


30 Tiger Love Kick-off
1 Adams Family Beach Day at Leadbetter 5 pm
6 Labor Day No school 
13 ELAC on Zoom 
21 SSC at 3:15 on Zoom 
20 Back to School Night Webinar on Zoom