Thursday Message - May 20, 2021

Leiha Dulawan

Congratulations to the following Roar Card Winners: Noah Gaete, Emily Arcos, Hayden Feleay, Miguel Ramirez, Victoria Castro, Isabella Marquez, Cristiano Fuste, Yosen Cruz, Guadalupe Tamayo, Sebastian Frazer.
*Students will receive a pack of stickers from their teacher!
Thank you for making Responsible, Organized, Academic and Respectful choices!

Students on campus will watch the Friday Flag on Zoom projected on their classroom TV. If you are a Distance Learning student please make sure your child joins us each FRIDAY morning at 8:45 for our Zoom Webinar. Have your student join using the ID 93982002652 or you can use your device by clicking on this link. Students will then jump off this Zoom and onto their teacher’s regular Zoom after for instruction if they are participating in Distance Learning. Parents at home can Zoom in if they are interested in seeing what is going on at school!  


Students may wear crazy hair, on Friday, May 17, for our school’s monthly pride day. Students can wear braids, scrunchies, updos, and or hair dye. Get creative and have fun with it! Students must follow District Dress Code policies when participating in person or even when on Zoom in DL.

Let your kindergarten and TK friends (or any brand new Adams families) know if they missed the School’s Virtual Tour back in January, the final opportunity to hear about what kinder and TK (or any other grade in attendance at the meeting) look like at Adams will take place next week, at 9 am on Zoom. Mrs. Fresch will share details about instruction, Adam's unique programs, our school make-up, and parent involvement opportunities. We can not have them tour the inside of the actual classrooms, but we will share pictures and videos. Join Zoom Meeting

Students who are identified as “At Risk” in multiple criteria were invited to Summer School, or our District’s “Summer Learning Program from June 14 to July 23. It is a six-week program from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm all five days of the week. Reading, Writing, Math instruction will take place in the am, and in the afternoon social-emotional, and enrichment experiences will occur. Please respond to the PArent Square invite if your child was recommended.

Summer Reading is almost here! The Santa Barbara Public Library will be offering some incredible opportunities this summer that we hope all Adams students take advantage of! They will be offering outdoor classes and Lunch@theLibrary. The SBPL also has a new Outreach Van! This mobile library will be set up in neighborhoods all over Santa Barbara with activities and books (location information coming soon). The Library buildings will also be open for “Library Express” starting June 1.
More info here: Please be on the lookout next week for more information about our Adams Summer Reading Program, which will be through the Santa Barbara Public Library (as it has in the past). They have updated their program with some exciting new twists! Stay tuned!

Here is a link to our theatre group's musical production for this year. 20 students from grades 2-6 participated in this virtual performance alongside Mr. Larsen and his former student teacher, Abbie Pryor. We are super proud of the creativity, enthusiasm, and resilience that comes across in this 40-minute musical titled "The Show Must Go On-Line!"

The school year is coming to an end so it's time to return All Library books! Please help your child look for their overdue books. Two ways to find out if they still have books out: check their email or scan the QR and have them log in. U: 6 digit student ID P: 6 digit B-Day.


Although some schools will be having in-person promotion ceremonies, due to our large class size, staff size, construction, and the amount of planning and recording that has already taken place before finding out about the lifting of various restrictions for outdoor events, Adams will not be having ours in person. We will encourage students to still get dressed up and celebrate this momentous occasion with their families during the school day on June 1st. Each class will be given a specific one-hour window of time to come on campus to collect their awards and promotion certificate, and take a photo in their dressy attire with their teacher and/or family in a socially distancing safe format. In the afternoon on June 1st, sixth-grade students will enjoy a pizza party on the kindergarten field. A prerecorded video link will be sent to all sixth-grade parents and students for their viewing on June 1st at 7 PM, AFTER logging into a Zoom Session where brief announcements will be made. Understanding this is an important time in these scholars' educational careers, our desire was to offer a somewhat traditional ceremony with a modern and quirky technology-based savviness. We wish these Tigers all the best and due to confidentiality reasons we will not share the link with the entire school, and we will ask that families save the viewing for themselves and not share the link outside our sixth-grade circle. More information will be shared in the weeks to come. See Schedule below:
9:00 to 10:00 Miss Phoenix’ Class Photo Opportunity in the Front of the School
11:00 to 12:00 Mrs. Van Lant’s Class Photo Opportunity in the Front of the School
12:30 to 1:30 Mr. Lovejoy’s Class Photo Opportunity in the Front of the School
1:30 - 2:30 6th Grade Pizza Luncheon
3:15 to 3:45 Mrs. Nelson’s Class Photo Opportunity in the Front of the School
7 PM Live Zoom and pre-recorded Promotion Ceremony, join Zoom:

STEAM camps happening for incoming 6-8th graders! The Santa Barbara Education Foundation is offering two great Robotics camps, Cooking Camps with Donna Barker from the SMHS Culinary Program and Art Camps with Hallie Silva. Also, all students who receive free/reduced lunch are eligible for scholarships. They look forward to engaging the students in a safe and creative way this summer!
Here is a link to the webpage for more information and registration information:

Self Care in 30 minutes! Watch your favorite movie or t.v. the show, Listen to music, talk to an old friend
See attachment (link to the Calendar)

Starting Monday, May 3rd, we are accepting Address Verification Forms for the 2021-2022 school year. Please fill out the attached form and bring to our front office with ONE of the following verifications: Utility Bill (Gas, Water or Electric), Property Taxes, Lease or Rental Agreement. One Verification of Address must be turned into our office by June 2nd. If you should have any questions please contact our office at 805-563-2515. Thank you! (Please see attached form)


25 TK, Kinder, and New Families School Tour Join Zoom Meeting
27 Montessori Promotion at Leadbetter Beach
31 Memorial day
1 6th Grade Promotion 7 PM Join Zoom:
2 Last day of school, Minimum Day

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