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Daylight Saving will be happening this Sunday November 6, 2022.

 Remember to set your clocks back ONE hour

Bike Instruction is Back!


Congratulations to the following Roar Card Winners who were recognized at last week’s Friday Flag:Camilla Arias, Kenya Catalan, Mikaila Ruiz, Delayni Camacho, Nike Price, Adam Riley, Yasmani Aguilar, Jackson Duwan, Uriel Jimenez, Aythen Arevalo, Nicolas Rosales. Thank you for making Responsible, Organized, Academic, and Respectful choices! Each week we will celebrate students and staff at Friday Flag and announce them here to parents.





There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, November 11th in honor of Veteran 's Day.



Chaucer’s Night is on November 14 from 6-8pm. Part of the event includes gift card sales before the event. 25% of all sales will go straight back to Adams! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, etc. about this amazing opportunity to give back to our school AND purchase gift cards to have handy for birthdays, celebrations, special occasions, or just to buy books! You should have received an order form in today’s Tiger Folder and there are extras in the office. You can return the forms to the office any day between tomorrow, 11/4 and next Wednesday, 11/9. Gift cards can be picked up at the actual Chaucer’s Night or from the front office after the event.



Our Student Council will be holding a Canned Food Drive from November 14th - November 18th.  Please donate canned non-perishable food items such as: nut-butters, canned protein, beans, whole grain cereal, pasta, canned tomatoes, canned fruits and vegetables, chili, meats, fish, canned juices, canned soups, dried goods – rice, boxed meals – Macaroni & Cheese, other complete dinners, stuffing mix, or staples – flour, sugar, cereal, salt, dried milk, baby food, and formula. We will donate all the collected food to The Unity Shoppe on November 18. Food items can be dropped off in the barrel by the front office. 



We would like to encourage families to send healthy food items to school for snack or lunch. There has been a recent increase in Cheetos, Hot Cheetos, and Takis, as well as Gatorade and powdered drink beverages. At Adams we really try to promote a sugar free campus, and encourage snacks that help fuel our brains and bodies. In addition, the dye and powder on these types of chips leave red fingerprints all around for campus clean-up. We serve incredibly delicious and healthy meals in the Santa Barbara Unified School District that are free for everyone. If however, you choose to send meals to school with your child for consumption, we ask that you are mindful of healthier food options. Thank you. 



Attention parents of students on an IEP: Please join us for our Special Ed parent meeting next Wednesday, 11-9-22 at 8:45 am on Zoom. The meeting will have Spanish interpretation. Join Zoom Meeting



Every November and throughout the year, we elevate and acknowledge the past, present, and future contributions of first peoples during National Native American History Month. In 1990, President George H. W. Bush approved a resolution designating the month of November as National American Indian Heritage Month.


Native Americans are a vibrant and growing population with rich, distinct cultures and histories. There are close to 600 federally recognized Native tribes, and at least twice that amount who are not federally recognized; all with their own respective languages, traditions, art, music, geography, religious and spiritual beliefs, education systems, social structures, family structures, and more.


Having a shared understanding of our local Chumash cultural practices, traditions, and knowledge should be rooted in reciprocal relationships with the first peoples of the land in which our schools and homes reside. We invite families to learn about Chumash peoples, who we acknowledge as the culture bearers whose stories and work we are deeply indebted to and grateful for. Below are some fun and educational resources you can explore with your family:



Emotional Regulation Strategies for Children, The 3 R's:

Many children are not yet proficient at verbalizing their emotions, so they (consciously or unconsciously) use their behavior to communicate. Before responding to a child’s behavior, slow down and reflect. 


What might be the function of this behavior?

What is the child trying to communicate (consciously or unconsciously) through this behavior?

Could there be a trigger here that I don’t know about?

What is their need? Is it an emotional need? Is it a physical need?

Will my response reinforce the behavior?


Ways To Regulate: 

  • Provide a safe and comfortable space

  • Remain calm yourself—co-regulation is key

  • Use limited yet soothing language

  • If possible or appropriate, provide a source of physical comfort (blanket, toy, stress toy)

  • Talk through/model regulating strategies (belly breathing, mindfulness, etc.)

Ways To Relate:

  • Identify feelings (e.g., “You look/seem angry/frustrated/sad...”)

  • Reassure that you are there to help or can get someone to help

  • Accept that even though they may appear calmer now, they are still processing and are still in a place of slightly heightened arousal

Ways To Reason: 

  • Teach the language of emotions by naming them with the child when they experience them

  • Teach strategies for self-regulation (breathing techniques, going for a walk, moving away from the situation, finding help, etc.)

  • Discuss alternatives for the following time

A short video on why it's so important to regulate first:



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We have a handful of spots available in the RAP after school care program. I believe there is some scholarship funding still available if any families need some support. Links to register and submit a scholarship application are both below. RAP is a great program for our students in grades 1-6.

Register for RAP HERE

RAP Scholarship Application HERE


This year our sixth graders will all have the opportunity to attend Outdoor Science Camp at Camp Whittier (Elings Science and Math Camp) which is Located in San Ynez on traditional Chumash Land that sits across the road from Lake Cachuma and adjacent to Los Padres National Forest, off the 154. Camp will be free this year for all sixth graders, funded by the School District, to ensure all students have this equitable experience. In the months to come, we will host parent meetings, discuss packing tips, share schedules, and collect permission slip paperwork. 

Camp will occur from April 4th-7th, for three nights and four days. Our current sixth-grade teachers will chaperone this trip and we will also need additional parent volunteers to attend camp with us. Please fill out the attached interest survey (also sent home in the Thursday Folder) so we have an idea how many students will be attending. 

Sixth-grade Science Camp Survey 22-23




6 Daylight Saving, switch clocks back

9 6:30 pm PTA General Meeting 

11: No School (Veterans Day)

10th - 18th: Minimum Days Parent Conference Week 

21st - 25th: No School Thanksgiving Break 

30: Parent Education Night