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Fall Into Fun!


Congratulations to the following Roar Card Winners who were recognized at last week’s Friday Flag: Camilla Tomas, Brandon Arroyo, Clementine Saavedra, Luis Munoz, Virginia Risso, Sofia Herrera, Mia De Leon, Cyrus Tovar, Lisa Obispo, Omar Haque. Thank you for making Responsible, Organized, Academic, and Respectful choices! Each week we will celebrate students and staff at Friday Flag and announce them here to parents.


HALLOWEEN, OCTOBER 31st                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Plan ahead: On Monday, October 31st, students at Adams will be able to wear Halloween costumes to school. Students should look for costumes that are safe and appropriate for school. Students may not depict characters that are violent and can not carry props that are considered weapons. Students can not wear masks that cover their entire face. All students will be required to participate in a regular day of learning and exercise, so plan accordingly when selecting what to wear to school, including appropriate shoes. TK and Kinder students will have an opportunity to take a walk/parade around the students in grades 1-6 right at 8:30 am. If parents want to join us for this parade, you may meet us on the upper grade playground at 8:30 am. 


If your family trick or treats, please be safe and travel in groups in well lit neighborhoods. Carry a flashlight and do not accept items that are not pre-wrapped and familiar. Also, please do not send candy to school with students following Halloween, save those treats for enjoyment at home, as we would like to consider Adams to be a sugar-free school. 



On Friday, October 28th, at 9 am, at the Principal’s Fresch coffee, I will share information about "What it means to be a Title I School." As a Title I school, we are eligible for federal funding and I will take this opportunity to share with the school community how our funds are spent to support student achievement specifically at Adams. We will also have time for questions about topics you are interested in. Interpretation is available. 



The Student Council will be selling Fall Friend Grams the week of October 24-28th before school for 50 cents and $1.00. Fall Friend Grams will be delivered to their friends on Monday, October 31st. To purchase a Fall Friend Gram, students will need to know their friend’s name as well as their teacher’s name/room number. Parents can stop by the table and buy for your child too! It would be a surprise.


Thank you so very much to all the parents who helped pull together our Fall Festival. It has been three years since we have held one, and the students and their families loved it! It takes a lot of time, work, people, and donations to pull it off so I can’t thank you all enough! 


Watch this incredible video that Kyle Marme, our PE teacher, made for our school with our students! He wrote the lyrics, sang the song, and had students (and staff) participate in the video. It is ADORABLE!!! Thank you Mr. Marme for inspiring us with your school sprit!: Tigers ROAR


We have a handful of spots available in the RAP after school care program. I believe there is some scholarship funding still available if any families need some support. Links to register and submit a scholarship application are both below. RAP is a great program for our students in grades 1-6.

Register for RAP HERE

RAP Scholarship Application HERE


This year our sixth graders will all have the opportunity to attend Outdoor Science Camp at Camp Whittier (Elings Science and Math Camp) which is Located in San Ynez on traditional Chumash Land that sits across the road from Lake Cachuma and adjacent to Los Padres National Forest, off the 154. Camp will be free this year for all sixth graders, funded by the School District, to ensure all students have this equitable experience. In the months to come, we will host parent meetings, discuss packing tips, share schedules, and collect permission slip paperwork. 

Camp will occur from April 4th-7th, for three nights and four days. Our current sixth-grade teachers will chaperone this trip and we will also need additional parent volunteers to attend camp with us. Please fill out the attached interest survey (also sent home in the Thursday Folder) so we have an idea how many students will be attending. 

Sixth-grade Science Camp Survey 22-23



Setting Appropriate Boundaries

Appropriate boundaries are a pivotal social skill for both children and adults to maintain emotional and mental health as well as physical safety. When teaching kiddos about boundaries, it should be discussed in understandable terms. The included worksheet describes setting boundaries as “letting other people know what is and is not okay for them to do to you.” 

Understanding their own boundaries will assist kiddos in understanding the boundaries of their peers. Use the worksheet to assist your kiddo in identifying their personal boundaries, as well as general boundaries, and how to uphold them with their words. 

As caregivers, we can lead by example by respecting the boundaries that children set, particularly those surrounding their bodily autonomy. If a child communicates that they do not feel comfortable with something, such as being tickled or kissed on the cheeks, be respectful of that boundary. This teaches your child that they are heard, that they have the right and the power to say “no” when they feel uncomfortable, and that people who respect them do not cross their boundaries.

Respecting the boundaries of others is directly related to empathy. When a child learns to be aware of the feelings of others, they are inclined to understand and respect boundaries. This can be taught in the moment by asking a child to reflect on how a peer may have felt when a particular behavior occurs, such as, “How do you think your friend felt when you took the toy without asking?” or “How do you think your classmate felt when you pinched them?” Children can then relate the feelings of others to their own, thinking perhaps, “I feel angry when someone takes stuff without asking,” or “I don’t like being pinched…she was probably hurt and sad.” Developing an understanding of how their actions affect the well-being of others assists children in respecting their peers both physically and emotionally.

Information for this post is derived from the article Teaching Kids About Boundaries (1).pdf




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TK-3rd grade families do not need to purchase insurance because their student devices will be kept at school. Optional iPad Insurance availability has been extended to October 31st! iPad insurance covers the iPad for a calendar year. Insurance costs $30 and covers unlimited instances of damage with no deductible. iPad insurance does not cover lost devices or device accessories. iPad insurance is available until October 31st, 2022. This vendor is not associated with SBUnified and insurance is made available as a courtesy to families. You can enroll using a credit/debit card at the following link: To pay with cash or check please come to the district office at 720 Santa Barbara St. from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday. Cash payments must be made with exact change. As a reminder, without insurance, the cost to replace a broken iPad screen starts at $100. Full device replacement is upwards of $300.




28 - 9 am: Fresch Coffee on Zoom:


9: PTA General Meeting 

11: No School (Veterans Day)

12th - 18th: Conference Week 

21st - 25th: No School Fall Break 

30: Parent Workshop