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Principal's Message - September 26, 2019

Thursday Message



ROAR CARD ~ Congratulations to the following Roar Card Winners: Olivia Salvedor, Izzi Salazar, Sophia Ibarra, Levi Hicks, Romeo Salcedo, Danielle Garcia, Axl Castro, Evan Reed, Eduardo Avila Inda, and David Guerrero.  Thank you for making Responsible, Organized, Academic and Respectful choices!


AXXESS BOOK FUNDRAISER IS HERE!~ Axxess book sales are here! Sales run from September 20th-October 4th. BOOKS AND /or ORDERS FORMS ARE DUE BACK TO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4TH.  Although this is not intended to be a major fundraiser for Adams, but rather a bonus for families to use in the community we are fortunate that the school does receive $13 for every book that is sold. Thank you for giving it a try! Prizes for Axxess Sales: Top seller can win Theme Park Tickets,  Top selling classes will receive a Kona Ice Party, and all students who sell at least two books will win an Axxess Prize Card!


YEARBOOK FOR SALE ~ Our 2019-2020 Yearbook is 15% off the $25 cost if you purchase it by September 30th. Passcode:1014091903021123 A huge thank you to The Downs family for offering to take on the task of making our yearbook!


BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT PARENT SURVEY~ We are sending home (paper only copy) a very short survey to help us identify our families' needs and ways to increase attendance at our back to school night event. We would like to have 100% of our families attend this important informational meeting, and this year we were discouraged by the low attendance. 


WALK OR BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY~ Did you know that walking and bicycling to school enables children to incorporate the regular physical activity they need each day while also forming healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Enjoy the sounds of the neighborhood, see friends and neighbors and feel connected with your community. Parents, children, and friends can enjoy each other’s company without the usual distractions. Please join us on October 2 for Walk to School Day! Prize incentives, as well as smoothies, will be provided for all walkers and bikers, as well as those who ride the bus since they are participating in sustainable transportation!  We will have multiple meet up spots for those who would like to join a walking or bike train. Please feel free to join at any of these neighborhood locations: *Samarkand- Corner of San Onofre and Clinton Terrace at 8:00 am led by Christen Foell.*Hidden Valley- Corner of Veronica Springs and Modoc at 7:40 led by Ryan Knight.*Oak Park- Entrance to the Oak Park parking lot at 7:30 led my Mrs. Churchman.*San Roque Gardens-Cafe Stella parking lot at 7:40.


SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL ~ Our first SSC meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 8th, at 3:15 in the library. Please vote for our newest members of the SSC in the Thursday Folder today, and return the ballot by Friday. All parents are invited to attend these meetings if interested in hearing about our school funding, but only elected members may vote.


PARENT SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP ~PSP (Parents School Partnership) is a 9-week program designed to motivate and increase parent participation. Giving parents the tools they need to feel confident when asking questions about their student’s progress, school, district, and community. Encouraging parents to take on effective roles as leaders in and out of their student’s school. PSP will be every Wednesday beginning October 2nd and ending December 4th from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in room 37. Light breakfast and free childcare will be provided. Instruction will be in Spanish. 


JUST COMMUNITIES FAMILY EQUITY WORKSHOP~ In partnership with Santa Barbara Unified, Just Communities is providing a series of 3-hour workshops to help our district's families understand key educational equity concepts essential to SB Unified’s efforts to support the success of all students.  Each workshop will help participants understand these concepts and develop the knowledge and skills they can use at home. Workshop dates and times are as followed: *October 2nd -Restorative Approaches *November 13th-Ethnic Studies and Culturally Relevant Curriculum * February 12th-Implicit Bias *March 11th-Relevance, Rigor & Relationships: The 3rs of Equitable & Effective Education. For more information please read the attached flyer. 


SCHOOL PRIDE DAY: INSIDE OUT DAY~ Students may dress up with their clothes inside out tomorrow, Friday, September 27th, for our school’s first school pride day, “Dress Inside Out Day”.  Students must follow District Dress Code policies when participating. Adams will be having school pride days each month so encourage your child to get their school spirit on!


DISASTER PREPAREDNESS~In efforts to prepare our campus, staff, and students for safety in the event of a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstance on campus, or in the surrounding neighborhood, we are asking for a few donations. Each classroom needs one large plastic bin/container at a minimum size of 4 gallon/16 quarts. Each class also needs one flat of water bottles 24-36, depending on class size. If you can donate the water or plastic bin please let the teacher know so they can get the word out after the donation has been made. We would also like each student to bring in three of their own individually wrapped granola/power type bars. These protein bars cost about $1.50 each at any grocery store and can be brought to school at your earliest convenience. These items will be stored in the classroom and returned to students at the end of the school year when not used. Thank you! 


SAVE THE DATE: NO SCHOOL~ Monday, October 21st will be used for Teacher Professional Learning Day for all Santa Barbara teachers. That Monday will be a non-student day.  Plan ahead!





27-Cafecito 8:30am-10:30am


2-Walk to School Day

8-ELAC and SSC Meetings

9-Special Education Parent Meeting 8:45 am in the library

11-Ability Awareness Day

11-Reclassification Breakfast & Celebration for EL students 

11-10/18- Earl Warren Parking Lot CLOSED

16-UCSB Family Soccer Night

17-Picture Day for TK-2nd and 6th Grade

18-Picture Day for 3rd-5th and Montessori Classes

21-Non-Student Day-No School for Students

25-Fresch Coffee 


Thursday Message



ROAR CARDS ~ Felicidades a los siguientes ganadores de las tarjetas “Roar” Olivia Salvedor, Izzi Salazar, Sophia Ibarra, Levi Hicks, Romeo Salcedo, Danielle Garcia, Axl Castro, Evan Reed, Eduardo Avila Inda, and David Guerrero! Gracias a todos los estudiantes por ser responsable, organizados, y respetuosos.


VENTA DE LIBROS AXXESS ESTÁ AQUÍ! ~ La venta de Axxess ya comenzó!  Este evento recaudar $13 por cada libro vendido.  Los fondos son directamente entregados a nuestra escuela.   Las ventas comenzarán a partir  de mañana VIERNES, 20 de SEPTIEMBRE.  Las ventas se terminarán el 4 de OCTUBRE y ocuparan de entregar el libro de muestra y sus órdenes con el dinero.  El costo de cada libro será $40.   Gracias por su apoyo para este evento de recaudación de fondos que es muy importante ! 

Los Premios serán los siguientes: El vendedor que venda más en la escuela recibirá boletos para un Parque de juegos.  Estudiants que vendan 2 libros recibirán un paseo de entretenimiento y el salon que venda más en toda la escuela recibirá una celebración de Kona Ice! 


LIBROS ANUARIOS ESTAN A LA VENTA~ Los libros anuarios estan a la venta por solo $25 por solo un tiempo limite hasta el 30 de septiembre.  Si gusta usted compara uno por favor de visitar la siguiente pagina. (Contrasena) Passcode:1014091903021123


NOCHE DE REGRESO A LA ESCUELA ENCUESTA ~ Hoy se mandara a casa una encuesta corta preguntando varias preguntas sobre la noche de regreso a la escuela y como podemos incrementar la asistencia de padres a esta noche muy importante.  Por favor de llenar la encuesta y regresar a la escuela lo mas pronto posible. ~ La encuesta se encuentra con este boletin. 


DIA DE CAMINAR Y UTILIZAR BICICLETA ~ Sabia que caminar y andar en bicicleta a la escuela les permite a los ninos incorporar la actividad fisica regular que necesitan cada dia y al mismo tiempo formar habitos saludables que pueden durar toda la vida.  Unase a nosotros el 2 de octubre para el Dia de Caminar a la Escuela! Tendremos premios para todos los caminantes y ciclistas. Tendremos multiples puntos de encuentros para aquellos que deseen unirse a un grupo de bicicleta.  Por favor, sientase libre de unirse con nosotros en estos grupos. *Samarkand- Corner of San Onofre and Clinton Terrace at 8:00 am led by Christen Foell.*Hidden Valley- Corner of Veronica Springs and Modoc at 7:40 led by Ryan Knight.*Oak Park- Entrance to the Oak Park parking lot at 7:30 led my Mrs. Churchman.*San Roque Gardens-Cafe Stella parking lot at 7:40.


COMITE DE SSC~Nuestra primera reunion sera el martes 8 de octubre comenzando a las 3:15pm en la biblioteca.  Por favor de votar para nuestros nuevos miembros en el ballet que sea mandado a casa hoy jueves y devolver a la oficina el viernes, 27 de septiembre.  Muchas Gracias



FORMA PARTE DE LA CONVERSACION ~ Aprenda a abogar por la educacion de su estudiante! El distrito escolar de Santa Barbara ofrecera talleres en espanol para todas sus familias dentro del distrito.  Los talleres seran de 9 semanas y se enforaran en varios temas. Unanse a estos talleres. Por favor de leer el folleto que se encuentra con este boletin.


TALLERES DE EQUIDAD PARA FAMILIAS ~ En asociacion con el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Santa Barbara, Comunidades Justas esta ofreciendo una serie de talleres de 3 horas para ayudar a las familias de nuestro distrito a comprender los conceptos claves de equidad educativa que son esenciales para los esfuerzos del distrito para apoyar el exito de todos los estudiantes.  Cada taller ayudara a los particpantes a comprender estos conceptos y desarrollar conocimientos y habilidades que pueden usar en casa.  



Estudiantes pueden usar su ropa manana viernes areves en celebrar nuestro primer dia de orgullo en nuestra escuela.  Los organizadores de este evento es nuestro Council Estudiantil. Cada mes tendremos un dia de Orgullo.  


PREPARACIÓN EN CASO DE UN DESASTRE NATURAL ~ En la preparación en caso de un desastre natural en nuestra ciudad estamos pidiendo a todos los padres por su apoyo y por una donación para estar mejor preparados en ayudar a nuestros estudiantes en caso de un desastre natural.   La donación que estamos pidiendo de padres es una caja de agua que contiene 24-36 aguas (por favor de coordinar con su maestra/o antes de comprar las aguas) También ocupamos cada estudiante que venga a la escuela con 3 barritas de granola.  Las barritas de granola y agua serán guardadas en el salón de los estudiantes y al final del año escolar serán regresados a los estudiantes. Muchas Gracias por sus donaciones y apoyo. Muchas Gracias en apoyarnos.


GUARDAR LA FECHA: NO HABRA ESCUELA~ El lunes 21 de octubre no habra escuela para estudiantes.  Los maestros estaran en la escuela tomando parte de talleres para ellos mejor prerparse en como mejor ensenar nuestros estudiantes.  Por favor de hacer planes en adelanto para este dia de no escuela para estudiantes.