Adams Elementary School

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Our students are fortunate to be attending a school where health and wellness is a priority. Our principal Amy Alzina encourages a “No junk food” policy and enforces the School District Wellness Policy. We discourage the use of unhealthy food to be used as a reward to students. We encourage healthy food or other ways to celebrate birthdays and special occasions in the classroom. Adams Elementary won the Wellness Council Award in the spring of 2010 for most improved wellness policy. We used the award money to purchase cooking equipment for our outdoor classroom and garden.

Adams has a full kitchen where a talented staff cooks from-scratch breakfast and lunch everyday. They use locally grown produce whenever possible and have a beautiful salad bar at every lunch. We have even utilized some of our school garden just-harvested vegetables in our salad bar.

We have had several programs at the school that focus on good nutrition. In the fall of 2009 each student at the school got to help cook Ratatouille and then ate it for lunch the next day. In the spring of 2010 we hosted the “Food Play” assembly, a comedy that encourages the children to think about what they put in their bodies. Our school garden is also an amazing place to learn about, and taste healthy nutritious food.

We encourage parents to come and eat lunch with their kids at school.